Want to learn JavaScript?

I have a plan.

I will guide you from zero knowledge of programming and JavaScript, up to become the most skilled JS developer you know.

If you know zero JavaScript, or some JavaScript, this is the perfect course to learn the fundamentals and as a consequence be more productive as a React / Node / Angular / Vue developer!

How it works

The course consists in 15 modules, for a total of 130 lessons.

After a lesson, you will find some questions you can reply on your own, or you can also email them to me to check if you are unsure.

Developers developers developers developers developers

Premium training program

This JavaScript Fundamentals course is a premium training that will make the difference in your day to day Web Development skills

Learn JavaScript by example

If you want to learn more about JavaScript don't miss the boat!

Not overwhelming but complete

I promise the course is not overwhelming. You can finish it. It's not one of those courses with an endless amount of content.

Condensed information

I like to condense things to make them clear. I save time by not reiterating the same things or going into rarely used topics.