Welcome! Thank you for joining the JavaScript Fundamentals Course.

In this course, I assume you start with zero JavaScript knowledge.

How to use this course

Before we start, I want you to understand how to use this course.

I explicitly made the course not based on videos. I think videos are fine for many things, but not video courses: you just sit there watching a person doing things, and you just think you learn along the way.

After a lesson, you will find some questions. Email me your answers. They are not optional. They are part of the course program. Of course, you can skip them if you really want, but it’s good not to let this opportunity go by.

I want you to really do them because this is the only way to learn: get your keyboard in front of you, open a code editor and start reasoning about the code.

The course is available to you forever, so don’t despair if some concept is hard to understand - you can get back to it later on when you will need this knowledge while working on some project.

Let’s go!