Welcome to the quiz! Try to answer those questions, which cover the topics of this module.

  • what is a higher order function?
  • what do we mean by declarative programming?
  • what are the benefits of immutability?
  • what does it mean that functions in JavaScript are first-class?
  • can you explain the concept of composition?
  • describe what filter() is useful for
  • describe what map() is useful for
  • describe what reduce() is useful for
  • write the code needed to run the run() function on an array of dogs names using map(). That function should print <dogname> is running! to the console
  • use reduce() to make a string with the names of the dogs contained in the array ['togo', 'lessie', 'hachiko', 'balto'], separating with a comma until the last one is found. I want this string: "togo, lessie, hackiko, balto".

Awesome, you reached the end of the course!