Welcome to the quiz! Try to answer those questions, which cover the topics of this module.

  • what is the main difference between primitive types and objects?
  • how can we join two or more strings?
  • can we change the value of a string?
  • can you explain why we can’t precisely make a simple operation like adding 0.1 and 0.2? Can you make a small, working example of how would you retrieve 0.3 by adding 0.1 and 0.2?
  • what is a key feature of template literals that makes us prefer them over quotes when we define a string?
  • what is a symbol?
  • what is undefined?
  • what is the difference between null and undefined?
  • is there any difference between an object defined using the object literal syntax, and one created using the Object() constructor?
  • in which different ways can we access the value of a property of an object?
  • how is a method different than a function?
  • how can you convert the number 2 to a string?
  • how can you convert the string '2' to a number?
  • how can you tell what type a value is?

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