I teach programming and I get a lot of emails every day. I talk to lots and lots of programmers, and wannabe programmers.

I have a good grasp of what makes people learn programming.

People want to build the app they always dreamed about. They want to make this project come to life, they want to get their dream come true. Having an app run on your computer or on your phone, creating the game you and your friends dream about!

People want to learn the craft as a hobby. I’ve talked with people in their 70s and 80s that are learning to program. For fun. To enjoy a new challenge. To create an app for their friends.

People want to start a new career in tech. It’s not a surprise - programming as a job is very attractive: it’s in high demand, you work indoors, and the average pay is good. Depending on the location and the level, of course. You can also work remotely, which is a huge advantage in my opinion.

And of course those are just 3 examples. You might have a different need, but whichever the need is, learning programming is definitely one skill you will want to have in the future.

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