You don’t need to be a computer scientist or study engineering or be a genius at math to pick up programming.

It’s a skill that you can learn at any point in time, at any age, and - let me say - it’s an amazing skill to have.

You need 4 things to become a programmer, from scratch:

  • patience
  • dedication
  • time
  • consistency

That’s all you need.

Patience because every time you learn something new, you need to be patient and do one step after another, until you can connect the dots.

Dedication because it’s not certainly an easy skill to master.

Time because learning things properly requires time. And with programming, many times you will get stuck on something and it will take some time to research. And a great programmer spends as much time thinking about the problem than the time they spend programming.

Consistency because if you can dedicate a little time every day, say 1 or 2 hours, learning to code, you will become a great programmer in a short amount of time.

Oh and you will probably need a computer, too. Any moderately recent computer is good enough, you don’t need a fancy top of the line MacBook Pro. Don’t use that as an excuse :)

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