Of course there are many other things you need to know to become a great programmer.

Most of those things come from experience. But some need to be learned on purpose, and some others are better learned as quickly as possible as they can get you up to speed.

Let me mention a few things.

  • Learn how to type faster (and better)
  • Learn how to use the command line
  • Learn how to interact with people in a productive way in a professional environment
  • Learn how to determine if a technology is right, wrong for you, overhyped, or obsolete
  • Learn how to learn on your own and be self sufficient
  • Learn when it’s the right time to ask a question
  • Learn the basics of networking
  • Learn how to sit well, to avoid posture and arms/hands problems down the road
  • Learn how to dissect problems
  • Learn how to be flexible, and how to respect other people and other technologies. A technology is not “right” just because you chose it
  • Learn how to be patient
  • Learn how to think in systems
  • Learn all the tools needed for your job
  • Learn how to share your knowledge with others
  • Learn how to learn new things
  • Find your community of like minded people to support you

That’s a start!

The course ends here but I hope you learned at least a few things from it.

The next things I can point you to, from here, is the JavaScript Fundamentals course.

Let’s start getting hands-on.

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